Change food and feed with insects

With a natural, sustainable and 100% traceable source of protein.

Entomo Farm

Natural insect materials for food, animal feed and plant nutrition

Insect protein meals, insect oil for food and cosmetics, organic fertilizer and soil amendment based on insect droppings… Entomo Farm breeds and transforms insects for the agro-food industry. Based in Libourne, France, the company operates a unique breeding model, which allows producing large quantities of insects , while ensuring a final product that is safe, 100% traceable and chemical-free.


Entomo Farm headquarters

28 août 2017
Insect meal : All About Feed publishes Entomo Farm’s results about Tilapia

All about feed - the international media about animal nutrition - has just released Entomo Farm's latest results about the use of insect meal in aquaculture diets. This 3-month study, conducted in Nile tilapia juveniles, shows that Entomo Farm's insect protein meal can effectively replace fishmeal.

18 mai 2017
Insect frass : interview of a customer

Mickaël Roes, founder of the organic fertilizer company MR Organics, summarizes the benefits of insect frass. This Entomo Farm customer was awarded the prize "J'innove demain" by the International Tree Federation (FAI) in 2016 for the Epona product, a concentrated organic fertilizer combining plant materials and insect droppings.

16 mai 2017
Entomo Farm 2017 fundraising : Interview of CTO Clément Soulier

ENSAM engineer, Clément Soulier is the co-founder and industrial director of Entomo Farm. Within a few minutes, he brings up his motivations to join the project, his first achievements and the goal of the 2017 crowdfunding campaign.