Our story

From the startup to the #1 insect meal producer in France

September 2012

The genesis

After watching documentary about the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Grégory Louis, who has been passionate about entomology since he was 8, starts working on an insect farming system capable of meeting the requirements of the food and feed industry.

November 2013

Winner of pitch competition 101 projects

Grégory Louis wins the 101 projects competition, organized by Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (VentePrivée.com) & Xavier Niel (Free). The 3 serial-entrepreneurs invest 25 000 € in the company, which is created in April 2014.

September 2014

Installation at the EcoParc in Blanquefort

Entomo Farm joins the Paris Saclay startup incubator Incuballiance in April 2014 and signs a co-incubation agreement with Bordeaux Technowest in August. The company is established at the Ecoparc in Blanquefort, France, and starts the development of a 50m2 pilot production unit.

February 2015

Clément Soulier joins Entomo Farm

ENSAM engineer Clément Soulier, who already set up and ran industrial sites, joins Grégory Louis to deliver the first production unit.


December 2015

Industrial partnership with Schneider Electric

Signature of a 12-month partnership agreement for the automation of Entomo Farm’s production processes.

March 2016

Record fundraising campaign on crowdfuding platform Sowefund.com

Launched on November 12th 2015 with a 400 000 € objective, Entomo Farm’s equity crowdfunding campaign allows securing 1.2 million €.

April 2016

First lot of insect meal delivered to one of the biggest French agrofood group

Delivery of a few kilos of insect meal to Ovalie Innovation, the R&D branch of the cooperative groups Maïsadour &Vivadour (annual turnover : 1,5B€).


Décember 2016

European authorization and production capacity scale-up

In December 2016, the European Commission accepts a proposition to authorized insect protein meal in aquaculture feed from July 1st 2017, this opening a 1 million tons per year market. To meet customer requests (4 000 tons of insect meal in 2016), Entomo Farm doubles its production capacity.

March 2017

First deliveries of insect frass

Entomo Farm delivers 600 Kg of insect frass to Mr Organics, a company based on the Bordeaux area which produces a concentrated organic fertilizer: EPONA.

April 2017

Launch of a 2nd fundraising round on Sowefund.com

Entomo Farm opens its capital on Sowefund.com to finance the largest insect farming facility in France. This 4 000 m2 production site will deliver 35 tons of insects per month by the end of 2017. The company aims at meeting the demand of the european aquaculture feed market and setting up an unprecedented co-operative dedicated to insect farming.