A unique insect breeding model

Entomo Farm produces insect raw material by guaranteeing a safe product, 100% traceable, without pollutants and adapted to the challenges of food safety.

Since 2014, Entomo Farm is willing to create a sustainable alternative to the protein production in Europe. To successfully tackle this challenge, Entomo Farm is establishing a new agricultural and industrial insect chain in France.

Entomo Farm is building itself on a global model. Our philosophy for this insect agricultural chain is based on a production system that is answering to the current economic and society issues. The transformation process is designed to meet the requirements of the feed and food industry while ensuring the traceability and the overall safety of the final products.

Entomo Farm’s multi-disciplinary team is made up of all the essential resources to ensure the success of the project. The core Entomo Farm team has demonstrated excellence through its background in the following areas : entomology, industrial production and biology.

High Yields

Optimization of insect growth cycles, cooperation with cooperatives, know-how of the farmers and transformation processes enable to achieve industrial-scale volumes.
The objective is to structure a strong entomoculture chain.


The Tenebrio has the capacity to multiply by 150 times its weight in 60 days. A part of the larva are used for reproduction. The Tenebrio is mostly eating wheat bran which is a cereal by-product. It is a stable source, controlled, traceable and low price.
The insect breeding has a very small carbon footprint. Also, there is no pollutants or any kind of chemical input.

Traceability & Quality

Our food safety protocols, based on the HACCP methodology, and the transformation processes are ensuring the absence of chemical inputs & the full traceability of insects. Compared to other type of livestock production, the insect is odourless and does not make any noise.

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