Entomo Farm : #1 insect meal manufacturer in France

A unique insect farm

An eco-industrial insect farming facility in France
dedicated to plant, animal and human nutrition

Since 2014, Entomo Farm has been developing an industrial system for sustainable insect farming. Designed to meet the requirements of the feed and food industry, such system allows to produce large quantities of insects quickly, with very few natural resources, while ensuring the traceability and the overall safety of the final products. At the end of 2017, Entomo Farm will deliver every day 3,6 metric tons of natural raw material for animal feed, human food and plant nutrition.

High Yields

Vertical farming, automation and the optimization of growth cycles enable to achieve industrial-scale volumes, with unrivalled yields per square meter.

Low-Resource Consumption

Our production model is based on the cradle-to-cradle concept : energy and by-products are recycled at each step to reduce production costs together with the carbon footprint of the facility.

Traceability & Quality Assurance

Our food safety protocols, based on the HACCP methodology, ensure the absence of chemical
inputs & the full traceability of insects.

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