Insect meal for animal feed and human nutrition

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A source of protein 100% natural, traceable and sustainable to change animal feed and human nutrition

Current protein meals used in the agro-food industry mainly come from sea fishing (fish meals), industrial by-products and waste materials from terrestrial animals (meat and bone meals) and oilseed cultures (soy, rapeseed, sunflower). With insect meal, Entomo Farm offers an alternative animal protein, which meets industrial requirements in terms of quality, safety and environnemental responsibility.

A high quality protein meal of animal origin for better zootechnical performances

With a protein content above 70% and a well-balanced profile of essential amino acids, Entomo Farm’s insect meal constitutes a highly digestible protein meal, for optimal growth.

100% natural, fully traceability, zero pollutants

Entomo Farm relies on mechanical industrial processes. No chemicals are used on production line and our insects are fed a special mix mainly composed with cereal by products. The final product is fully traceable and exempt from any pollutant.

A protein meal with high-availability, delivered on request at a fixed priced

With its breeding system, Entomo Farm is able to grow quickly its production capacity. Entomo Farm can produce large quantities of insect meal quickly, with a low carbon  footprint, at a fixed price.

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