Insect meal for

aquaculture feed

Insect protein meal for farmed fish

A high-protein meal, both safe and sustainable, to replace fish meal in aquaculture diets

Currently, 4 tons of wild fish are required to produce 1 ton of farmed fish. With its insect meal, Entomo Farm offers an alternative protein of animal origin, which is safer, more sustainable and delivered at a competitive price in comparison with fish meal.


Faster growth and healthier fish

Easily digestible and rich in protein (>70%), insect meal features attractive zootechnical performances. In trout and tilapia diets, the introduction of insect feed accelerated weight gain during the growth stage.

A sustainable and ecological source of protein in line with consumer expectations

Natural, eco-friendly and pollutant-free, Entomo Farm’s insect meal meets the requirements of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) label for sustainable fish farming. We expect our insect meal to be certified for organic fish farming in the near future.

Entomo Farm benefits

High availability
& fixed price

An ingredient customized
to your need

Safe & 100% traceable
protein source

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