Insect meal
for pig feed

A protein of animal origin for pig farming

A sustainable and 100% traceable protein-rich meal to replace
blood meals, meat & bone meal and fishmeal in pig diets

Insect are a natural component of swine diets. With a high protein content, insect meal constitutes a safe & sustainable alternative to replace fishmeal, hemoglobin and plasma powders in pig farming.

A source of protein of animal origin to improve pig weaning & growth

With protein content of 70% and a well-balanced profile of essential amino acids, Entomo Farm’s insect meal can fully or partly replace blood meals in pig diets. Highly digestible, it constitutes an ingredient particularly suited to starter-grower pig feed.

A 100% natural and pollutant-free protein meal

Entomo Farm’s insects are exclusively fed with organic foodstuff. No chemicals are used on our production and transformation lines. As a result, no traces of contaminants (heavy metals, PCB) were found in laboratory analyses.

Entomo Farm benefits

A 100% natural & pollutant-free

Improved zootechnical

A safe and sustainable product
with complete traceability

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