Insect meal

for poultry feed

A safe & sustainable protein source for poultry farming

Re-introduce insects in poultry diets with a high quality protein meal,
fully traceable and free from any pollutants

Insect are an essential component in poultry diets. Featuring a high protein content, Entomo Farm’s insect meal constitutes a safe and sustainable alternative to other protein meals used in poultry farming (fishmeal, blood meal, meat & bone meal, …).

Improved feed gain ratio & higher laying volumes

With a protein content above 70%, insect meal efficiently replaces other protein sources. It can constitute up to 25% of poultry diet without affecting animal growth. It was observed that insect meal reduces the feed gain ratio & increases egg-laying volumes.

A natural protein of animal origin, free from any pollutants

The insect reared at Entomo Farm are exclusively fed with organic food stuff. No chemicals are used in the transformation process. As a result, laboratory analysis found no trace of pollutant in our insect meal.

Entomo Farm benefits

A 100% natural protein
with zero pollutants

Reduced feed intake &
increased egg-laying

A safe & fully traceable

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