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President's foreword

In 2016, Entomo Farm raised 900 000 € on the equity crowdfunding platform Within the following months, we have received customer requests for over 4 000 metric tons of insect meal. Today, our top priority is to increase our production capacity in order to meet the demand and prepare the opening of the european market. Indeed, from July 1st 2017, insect-based protein meals will be authorized in aquaculture feed in the EU – a 1 million ton per year market.


Our goal is to become the #1 supplier of natural raw materials based on insects for plant, animal and human nutrition. To this aim, we are currently setting up the largest insect farming facility in France. This 4000m2 production site will deliver several tens of tons of insect materials every month. It will also be the core of an unprecedented co-operative dedicated to insect farming, which should start running by the end of 2017.


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Gregory Louis, CEO

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Our latest news

18 mai 2017
Insect frass : interview of a customer

Mickaël Roes, founder of the organic fertilizer company MR Organics, summarizes the benefits of insect frass. This Entomo Farm customer was awarded the prize "J'innove demain" by the International Tree Federation (FAI) in 2016 for the Epona product, a concentrated organic fertilizer combining plant materials and insect droppings.

16 mai 2017
Entomo Farm 2017 fundraising : Interview of CTO Clément Soulier

ENSAM engineer, Clément Soulier is the co-founder and industrial director of Entomo Farm. Within a few minutes, he brings up his motivations to join the project, his first achievements and the goal of the 2017 crowdfunding campaign.

27 avril 2017
Entomo Farm 2017 fundraising : Interview of Grégory Louis, CEO

Entomo Farm has just launched a second round of financing to set up the largest insect farming facility in France. Grégory Louis, CEO, evokes the genesis of the company and the reason to invest in 2017.

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